Workshops in the Classroom & Virtual

PA Academic Standards for Career Education and Work (CEW)

PA Career Ready Skills (CRS)

  • Career Awareness & Preparation (CEW 13.1) 
    • My Personal Career Story  
    • Find Your Career:  Connect…Explore…Plan 
    • Job Shadowing ~ A Step in Your Career Journey
    • High Priority Occupations in Lawrence County, PA:  Workforce Needs 
  • Career Acquisition (CEW 13.2) 
    • Applying for a Job
    • Interviewing For Success:  The Basics 
    • Skills for Interviewing, Retaining, & Advancing A Career
    • Interview Skills: Linking Skills to the Job Description 
    • Examining Work Skills & Analyzing Job Descriptions to Create A Strong Resume’
    • Mock Interviews:  Practice to Prepare for the Real Deal 
  • Career Retention & Advancement (CEW 13.3) 
    • Resiliency in the Face of Adversity 
    • Be Resilient 
    • Career Found:  How to Retain & Advance It
    • Career Focused Budget
  • Entrepreneurship (CEW 13.4) 
    • Entrepreneur vs. Employee Mindset
    • Entrepreneurship:  Traits of Success – Do I Have the Traits?    
    • The Business Plan:  A Roadmap for the Entrepreneur
    • Business Plan Creating A Canvas
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